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Dear all the travelers and tourist :

I will not bore you with an elongated account about my eventful life. But it is important that clients know about their service provider before deciding their hires, so I shall endeavour to share with you some of my personal and professional background that made me today. i was born in poor and a big family of 12 brithers and one youngest sister ( when she was 3 years old she falled down and her head into a stone ,made her became a crazy girl , My Parent wedding partyfrom that time until now she has 23 years old and she know all the things like normal people but she didn't go to school), and  with my name Chamrong (my friends call me Smarty for easy reference), I lost my mother when i was 13 years old and 6 brothers during the Pol Pot Regime and commence to support myself and family with some small unpolished odd jobs. Because of my family background I was unable to attend University although I qualified for it. In return, I took up a course in (Hospitality and Tourism School) ,My Brother, No me in here following which I worked in five star hotels as a waiting staff at their restaurants. I also picked up Bartending on my own and despite the immense labour and commitment I devoted to my job, I was unable to make ends meet. Therefore, I took on the challenge to earn my own keeps by acquiring a small Tuk Tuk which is actually a three wheeled vehicle for ferrying guests around town. I do not just want to be a driver without further intelligence, I understudied the history of the artifacts and polished up on my language, knowing that communication is the most important factor in any service industry. Because I worked with a French gentleman for 4 years, I am able to speak a bit of French as well. I may not have parental guidance during my younger days but my parents' values reside in me the values of integerity and honesty, commitment and in my current service-providing profession, responsibility, courtesy and commitment to things I laid as promises. I have recommendations given to me in TripAdvisor to attest my professionalism even Serving a Journey Vacation . Should you be looking for someone to host you, chaffeur you in a friendly localised vehicle, do drop me a line and allow me the opportunity to provide you with a service which I uphold with pride. Aunt, Uncle, Brother, Sister, Relations, No MeI can be reached via email or phone with details in my Contact .Give me some works during you visiting here is like you help my pity family too.

Thank you for taking time to know me a little better.My Mummy Grave

When visiting  some of the Major temple, such as Angkor Wat and Bapoun, Female visitor must wear clothing that covers the shoulder and knees, Pleas note that shawls,Scarves or Pashminas are not accectable.

so  hope you help me and you can contact me by

Gmail :

my phone : (+855) 17232934

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