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Oddar Meanchey province is in the far North of the Cambodia. I Hope you will enjoy your journey to this special area in order to experience ecotourism and the culture of our indigenous group.

Trip From Siem Reap - Anlong Veng

Along Veng 1 Day Tour:

Siem Reap - Anlong Veng: Khmer Rouge’s Last Home Anlong Veng

* In the morning around 7:30am welcome and pick up from hotel in Siem Reap, then we start our journey to Anlong
Veng province around 125km and to visit:
- Lunch will be provided at a local restaurant.
- Stronghold of the Khmer Rouge and area has a chequered history.
- Pol Pot's House/Bunker
- Headquarters of the last Khmer Rouge leader
- Ta Mok's Mountain House
- Pol Pot's grave
- Ta Mok's Town House
* Specialist guide providing further insight into the history
- Return back to Siem Reap for approximately 6pm, or drop off at border of Anlong Veng.

What are include?

- Transport used: Car/Van + English Speaking Driver

- Cool Towels + Cold Drinking Waters

What are exclude?

- Meals and drinks
- Entrance fees
- English Speaking tour guide

Type Of Vehicles
 Prices   Pax   Other sites extra  
A/c Car Toyota +          English speaking driver
  $120       1_4
A/c Mini Van + English speaking driver


Anlong Veng is in the area of the Dangrek Mountain, in the far north of Cambodia. It is located 125 km north of Siem Reap and close to the international border crossing with Thailand. There is a dam just north of the town. Anlong Veng is best known for two historical reasons. It was the last stronghold of the Khmer Rouge to come under government control in 1998 and the final resting place of Pol PotThe Dângrêk Mountains were used as a base by the Khmer Rouge when they fought against the Khmer Republic led by general Lon Nol. After the end of the Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia and the

withdrawal of the Vietnamese army, the Khmer Rouge rebuilt their former bases in the Dangrek mountain range area, along the border of Cambodia. Anlong Veng became for a while the main "capital" of the Khmer Rouge. In the 1990s the Khmer Rouge still controlled Anlong Veng, where there was one of the first "Killing Fields" after the fall of " Democratic Kampuchea ". There is a still not excavated site in a forest with landmines in the Dângrêk Mountains, located about 6 km out of Anlong Veng where 3,000 people were allegedly killed by the Khmer Rouge for having become "corrupted" as late as between 1993 and 1997. These executions were carried out during Ta Mok's leadership in the area.


This a considerable distance away from the main road in Cho-Am and the dirt path that leads there is on the same road that Pol Pot is buried on. Some of the villagers will try to beg from you once they have gotten over their initial surprise of seeing a foreigner in the middle of nowhere.

Pol Pot's House/Bunker: Not much left here but a shell of a house, overgrown with foliage and 'decorated' with profane graffiti. Water storage tanks, an underground chamber and a nearby pond round off the excitement. The motorcycle ride to the site is the real attraction, passing through field and jungle in the Damrek Mountains. You will see Cambodia's iconic 'Danger! Mines!' signs on many of the trees; do not, under any circumstances, venture off the road! Unfortunately, these mines are still regularly killing and maiming Cambodians.

Ta Mok's Mountain House: Graffiti artists have been at it again with this little shell - this time, mostly young lovers proclaiming their eternal fidelity. Considering the amazing views from this site, it's not surprising that it should have become a regular 'make-out hill!' Oddly enough, there are not one but two tiny spirit houses nearby - ostensibly, recent additions. A guesthouse "Food and Accommodation Dorng Rek Hill" has also been built less than 100 m away, taking advantage of the view. Those who don't fancy a night up here can relax with a beer in one of the many hammocks. (The landmine warning applies to the road here as well.) To get here go east immediately before the border crossing, turn right at the T-junction (left takes you to the old border) then take the first left and follow the well pot-holed and sandy road for about 4 km until you see the sign proclaiming its presence.
Pol Pot's Grave: Prepare to be underwhelmed! A tin roof and a sign urging visitors to keep the area clean are all the tribute given to Brother Number One by his country. Oddly enough, a Thai lottery winner has erected a spirit house on the site in honour of the former Khmer Rouge leader, who, he claims, appeared to him in a dream with the winning numbers. A small pack of children often materialises when visitors arrive.

In Anlong Veng town

Ta Mok's Town House: The best-preserved of the KR houses, Ta Mok's house in town overlooks the eerie lake that Brother Number Four created himself. Murals of Angkor Wat and Preah Vihear, as well as a map of Cambodia and a strangely bucolic scene of bathing elephants decorate the walls and are, as yet, undamaged by graffiti. For extra fun, see if you can count all the toilets in the various buildings. Also of note are the tiger cages at the front of the house that were apparently placed there to vilify Ta Mok further in the eyes of the world and what appears to be either a propaganda truck or prison wagon. The track to the house is about 1 km north of roundabout on the road to the border.

Anlong Veng Lake and Spillway: This man-made lake was conceived and carried out by Ta Mok. Many large trees were killed by the flooding, and their trunks jut skywards like huge gray bones. The lake itself is unsettling to look at, but local people love the spillway created in the rainy season. Fishing, boating and the general splashing around are all on tap here, with just as many spectators as participants. About 500 m north of the roundabout, the road comes very close to the lake.

Between the two

Ta Mok's Grave:
Visited the day after his burial, Ta Mok's grave site seems poised to become a much more grand monument than Pol Pot's. It's about 7 km north of town.